Founder and CEO of JINHO Global

As the Founder and CEO of JINHO Global, Mr Francis Ng had adhered to his business philosophy and life mission of ''HELP PEOPLE TO HELP OTHERS'' . Mr Ng's passion is to be able to help more people to stay healthy naturally with new hope and dignity and for others to join him in his passion via the health care industry.
Mr Ng was born in Melaka, West Malaysia. He used to work in Singapore for more than 14 years. In Singapore, he had accumulated experiences in many different sectors such as Healthcare, Direct Selling, Real Estate, Supply Chain Management as well as Training. In 2004, Mr Ng, with his experience, went to Penang and helped a health care company to create 7 chain stores in just 2 years.
However, in 2006, Mr Ng and his wife, Mdm Michelle Lim, made a very important decision which was to return to their hometown, Melaka, to start JINHO Global, their own health care empire, from scratch. Through their strong partnership, JINHO Global was set up successfully. They established 17 Health Management centres, 2 Beauty centres and 1 Wellness centre throughout the whole of Malaysia. JINHO‘s portfolio had grown significantly to more than RM10 Million in sales. From 2013 onwards, Mr Ng, decided to focus on his passion as a life missionary. He was then invited as an international marketing strategist and training consultant and traveled to various countries such as Thailand, Cambodia and Taiwan. He had since provided marketing and motivational training in international platforms such as Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines,Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia and more.
Mr Ng is also a man who does not steer away from challenges. Since the start of the global pandemic in 2020 and subsequent economic recessions, these challenges did not stop JINHO Global from growing. Mr Ng, continued to adapt using his innovativeness and made a breakthrough, by creating “JINHO Shop-in-Shop“ as well as “JINHO Bestlink Emall Alliance Platform“. JINHO Global had successfully transformed into a E-commerce marketing platform. Their platform helped more people to start their own businesses easily and make their lives better with financial freedom. This in turn accomplished his business philosophy and life mission of “HELP PEOPLE TO HELP OTHERS“.
As of today, Mr Ng had been awarded the honorary title BCM(Bintang Cemerlang Melaka) by the Head of State of Melaka. Mr Ng was also awarded the 4th Business of the Year Award (Corporate Leader of the Year) by the SMI & SME Worldwide Network.

JINHO真福国际创办人兼总裁黄瑞贤先生,秉持着 [ HELP PEOPLE TO HELP OTHERS ] 的经营理念 及人生使命: - 帮助更多人自然健康,活出新希望与尊严,专注投身于保健行业。 黄瑞贤先生出生于马六甲-马来西亚,他曾经在新加坡工作长达14年,累积了保健,直销,房地产, 连锁管理与培训的经验。 2004年他在槟城,用2年的时间帮某保健企业创立了7家连锁店。 2006年他白手起家,与太太林水仙女士携手创立JINHO真福国际。他们夫妇俩成功于马来西亚创立 17间真福健康管理中心,2间美容中心 和1间养生馆,并带领团队突破千万业绩。 2013年起,他陆续被泰国,柬埔寨及台湾公司聘请为国际行销策略与培训顾问,并在新加坡,台湾, 菲律宾,泰国,柬埔寨,越南,印尼等国际舞台提供行销与激励培训。
2020年,全球面临疫情与经济萧条的挑战,他持续不断的寻求创新与突破,创立了【真福店中店】, 【真福最佳创业联盟平台】,并成功转型电子商务营销,帮助更多人轻松创业, 实现财富自由的美好生活。
黄瑞贤先生荣膺马六甲州元首封赐BCM(Bintang Cemerlang Melaka - 马六甲卓越星章)勋衔。他也 荣获马来西亚中小型企业世界联盟颁发第4届企业年度奖之年度领袖奖。

Managing Director and Co-Founder of JINHO Global

Mdm Michelle Lim, co-founder and Managing Director of Jinho Global Sdn.Bhd, is a model of entrepreneurial women in the new century. She has successfully balanced her family and career while assisted her husband, Mr. Francis Ng, to start and run the company. She has extensive experience in trade importation and financial management, and in just a few years, she has co-led JINHO Global from a small office of 20 square feet to a chain of health centres, beauty centres and wellness centre with outstanding results and performance. She had assisted an MLM company in Singapore to marketing beauty products and skin care services. With just two years of hands-on experience, she was able to establish her own beauty brand, FRANMIC skin care product. She is also a professional ‘personal image‘ consultant and a member of the International Association of Image Consultants. She was invited to be interviewed by the most influential corporate branding magazine in Asia, Global Business Magazine. She was also awarded the Outstanding Asian Woman Entrepreneur Award by the Malaysia Womens Career Building Association.

JINHO真福国际联合创办人兼执行董事林水仙女士,是一位新世纪创业女性的典范,她成功兼顾 家庭与事业,协助夫婿黄瑞贤先生创业,负起公司营运重任。她具有丰富的贸易进口与财务管理经验, 在短短的几年内,带领真福国际从一间20方尺的小小办公室,蜕变成一家拥有保健中心,美容院 及养生馆的连锁企业,成绩优异,表现亮眼。 她也是专业个人形象顾问及国际形象顾问协会之会员。她应邀接受亚洲最有影响力的企业品牌杂志 《商天下品牌大殿堂》访问,也荣获马来西亚女性创业协会颁发 [亚太最杰出女性创业奖] 。